Mount Fuji Conference!

September 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Actually, I lied, we’re not really AT Mt. Fuji.  But we’re “close”!


(You can just see the tip of Mt. Fuji poking out over the mountains)

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Language Mishaps

September 2, 2015 3 comments

Back from the US after a 2-week trip home in August!  Despite a few hiccups in the trip, mainly due to a sprained ankle my first full day there, it was a fun and relaxing time at home.  I was gonna add some pics too, but WordPress is not cooperating with me at the moment so I’ll add those later…

And back on the blog as well everyone’s favorite language mishaps!  Well, maybe not my favorite…

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Introducing my roommate!

August 9, 2015 Leave a comment

God is really amazing in the way he answers prayers.  Even seemingly impossible and random things like a NEW ROOMMATE.  I mean, seriously, how awesome is HE?

Besides her lovely ability to live with a couple of crazy foreigners (surprisingly rare here), Kana’s sweet, fun-loving, God-seeking personality have made her an easy and wonderful addition to our home.  So glad to have her!

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Worship time!

July 16, 2015 Leave a comment

Have I mentioned I’ve started leading worship at the bilingual church?  Yep, me.  That’s right.  And when’s the last time I led worship in ANY shape/form/group?  Uhhhh, NEVER.

So yeah, this is NOT because I’m particularly talented in music or gifted in leading worship or have a decent singing voice (and btw, I have none of these things), oh no, but I’m leading more or less because there is LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE who can do it.

Honestly, leading worship at church is probably at the bottom of the list of ministries I expected to be involved in, beaten only by things like performing miracles and becoming a pastor.  Though, looking back, I probably should have realized this was going to happen when my completely out-of-the-blue and urgent desire to really start learning to play the guitar was immediately (like literally an hour later) followed by my teammates the Murrays gifting me with a FREE guitar that some short-termer had RANDOMLY left years ago and it JUST HAPPENED to still be sitting in their house with NO ONE else to use it so Jess, if you’re planning on getting a guitar anyway you should just use this one…

God totally gave me this guitar as a heads up, but I was way too slow to pick up on it.

God totally gave me this guitar as a heads up, but I was way too slow to pick up on it.

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Four years and a New Car

July 16, 2015 1 comment

About three weeks ago I celebrated 4 whole years in Japan.  FOUR YEARS!!  What am I still doing here?!  So, I’ve heard men often buy a new car when they go through their mid-life crisis.  Maybe missionaries have mid-ministry crises and then also buy new cars.

ORR maybe they just forget they stopped two feet behind a small rock pillar and then drive right into it.

See that tiny little stone pillar near the back of the picture...?

See that tiny little stone pillar…?

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Let’s (re)start nice and slow

July 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Nothing big and flashy.  No promises I know I won’t/can’t keep.  Let’s just start with a Bible verse that’s been challenging me recently.

“So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives growth.” 1 Corinthians 3:7

How can I make outreach, ministry, LIFE in general, less and less about me and more and MORE about HIM?  Let’s start there.


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Hiroshima-fu(style) Okonomiyaki!

May 12, 2013 1 comment

There are all kinds of okonomiyaki, but the most common type from Osaka is a savory sorta-pancake with pork, cabbage, and other fillings.  Kind of similar to Korean jeon or Chinese scallion pancakes but with a higher veggie to batter ratio.  At a restaurant they bring all the ingredients in a bowl which you mix and then dump the contents onto the teppan (hot plate).  For some reason, the bowl they give you to mix it in is always barely enough to fit even the ingredients, much less mix them all together, so it takes some technique.  Here, we just got our waiter to do it for us.


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