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Emma and Taisei got married!

Tribute to my (former T_T) roommate Emma & her new husband Taisei!

When Emma & Taisei first started “officially” seeing each other, there was still quite a bit of fear and uncertainty on Emma’s part.  Actually, that’s putting it pretty mildly. To be frank, Emma was totally freaking out.

2015-01-16 13.01.46

“Is this really a good idea? Do I really like him? Does He really like ME? What if he really turns out to be a psycho…?”

She expressed so much concern that I started to worry that maybe this guy really wasn’t a good idea and I should stop Emma now before it was too late!

2015-03-07 21.05.45

But there were two things that soon began to happen that made me realize Taisei really was the one God had prepared for her.

2015-04-04 18.11.43

First off, all the things about Taisei that once weirded out or disgusted Emma suddenly started to become good things.

Before when Taisei would… Emma would respond: But then she began to think…
send Emma a nice verse, What a suck-up. he’s so sweet!
make a silly factual blunder, I’m dating an idiot… isn’t he cute?
want to pray with Emma, He’s so creepy! I have the best boyfriend!

How do you say “Complete 180 degrees” in Japanese?

2015-04-07 20.17.28

And then, there were Emma’s prayers.

By this point I’d obviously heard Emma pray countless times. But one day at the end of a Bible study Emma prayed for us and it was like I’d never heard her pray before! There was a depth of love for God and for all of us that was evident in Emma’s prayer that hadn’t been before. There was power in it that had been absent before. Of course, I’d never previously thought anything missing in Emma’s prayers. But that evening it was like a whole new Emma, the true Emma, was praying for us.

And I realized then that through her relationship with Taisei, Emma was growing in her relationship with God in ways that could only happen because she had Taisei to push and encourage and bless her. God was using Taisei to help Emma become the kind of woman that He had designed her to be. And though I didn’t know Taisei nearly as well, it was clear that he was being changed and grown in the same way because of Emma.

These two things have shown me, and I think many of Emma’s other close friends as well, that she and Taisei really are meant for each other. And it has been my incredible privilege to support my two friends in their marriage to one another.

12112137_10156129701585570_718588090111319625_n 12112175_10156129723000570_8719385704725750435_n 2015-10-25 22.19.11 12119183_10156129701700570_6846821460110117627_n

Congratulations you two!  I love you both!

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