About Chucking Bowls

In a nutshell…

“Chucking Bowls” is a blog chronicling 2(+) years in/out/about life as a missionary in Hiroshima, Japan.  I hope to learn to “chuck” the bowls that cover my lamp and live in a way that glorifies God.

A chance to be long-winded…

You can read my testimony and support letter here, but in short, five years ago while on missions in Guatemala God began to teach me about His heart for His world and all its lost and how He wanted to use even untrained, inexperienced, and non-holy people like me to reach them.  In the next couple of years, God began to teach me about Japan and show me how much this country suffered on the inside despite its clean and sparkly exterior –I could relate to these issues through my own struggles and experiences.  Then, in the fall of 2009, I felt God was telling me the time was “now”.

Well, “now” in quotations because apparently there’s all this stuff you have to go do before you can go out on something like missions.  Stuff like praying, talking to people, joining a missions organization, and raising support.  And then there’s the accountability, support letters, group sharing, and starting a blog!  Thank God without whom all the last year would have been absolutely overwhelming and thoroughly confusing.  But with God the last year has only been somewhat overwhelming and confusing but absolutely wonderful.

I’m learning so much and am so threatened by my own inability to keep in good, long-distance contact that I am starting this blog to write about all things God or missions or Japan or any combination of the three.  So, for the next 2(+) years I’ll sharing about life up until and during my time in Japan.  I’ll include a lot about the ministries and churches I’m involved with, and I’ll also include other random stuff from food to travels to fun random stuff as I learn the way of the samurai (kidding…)

This is not a blog detailing how I will change people’s lives.  Heck, I’m not sure they’ll notice I’m there.  In terms of missionary expertise and experience, I have virtually none, and no real training (seminary, counseling, teaching, etc) that I could otherwise use for ministry in Japan.  But I’ve realized that does not matter.  What matters is that there is a place where people do not know and worship God, and God has called me to go and live amongst them.  What God chooses to use me for in Japan is up to Him.  I just pray that all things I do would be led by and pleasing to God.  So join me – on this blog, in prayer, in finances.  It’s gonna be kind of crazy, but I welcome you here and hope you find some encouragement, challenge, or at least a bit of entertainment.

God bless you that you may be a blessing,


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