Language Mishaps

These are the same ones as in my November newsletter, but just for anyone who doesn’t get/read my newsletter, I know this is everyone’s favorite section anyway…

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I told my English students how I had hurt my ankle while in the US, but they have a hard time hearing the difference between “A” and “U” and thought I had injured my “uncle.” How violent! 😛

I always get tsumaru (packed or clogged) and tsumazuku (to stumble) mixed up and then tell people my nose stumbles due to allergies.

Four years and counting and I STILL can’t get tadaima (I’m home) and okaeri (welcome home) straight.  I keep walking in the front door and announcing to my roommate(s) “Welcome home!”

I helped interpret a workshop on “Faith and Science” for a Japanese conference in September (Japanese to English). It all went smoothly until the closing prayer (probably the easiest part) when I began by praying to “Our Fatherly heaven.”

I got the word for canal (unga) wrong and told a friend my parents’ neighborhood have lots of people who live “lying face down” (enga).

Another friend’s mishap! 😀  A colleague was telling me about the prayer night they had at church where they prayed for world issues like kiga (hunger), sensou (war), and ninjin hanbai (carrots-for-sale…??). She meant to say jinshin baibai (human trafficking).

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