Support God’s work in Japan!

Thank you for coming to check out ways to support me!  Even if you decide not to support me, your very presence here is an encouragement for which I am very grateful. And more than any money, I need your prayers!!  You can read my support letter here.  Please download, fill out, and send in this form if you would like to sign up as a prayer partner.

Please note, all donations should be directed to Pioneers and are tax-deductible.  You can find more information about giving to Pioneers on their website here.  %12 of your donation is held by Pioneers for administrative costs (slightly less while I’m in the US), and all the rest goes directly to me to be used in my team’s and my ministry in Japan.  Please note, there will be a 3% charge from all credit card donations due to charges from credit card companies.  Listed here are a couple of ways you can join the support team.  My account number is 111519.

  • Click here to give a one-time donation online
  • Click here for information about different ways to give recurring donations.
  • Response slip you can print out or email with information of how you would like to give

Again, my intent is not to pressure people into giving.  But I DO hope that I can impress on you my need for prayer!  It is what’s truly going to keep the show going.

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