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Language Mishaps

November 11, 2015 Leave a comment

These are the same ones as in my November newsletter, but just for anyone who doesn’t get/read my newsletter, I know this is everyone’s favorite section anyway…

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I told my English students how I had hurt my ankle while in the US, but they have a hard time hearing the difference between “A” and “U” and thought I had injured my “uncle.” How violent! 😛

I always get tsumaru (packed or clogged) and tsumazuku (to stumble) mixed up and then tell people my nose stumbles due to allergies.

Four years and counting and I STILL can’t get tadaima (I’m home) and okaeri (welcome home) straight.  I keep walking in the front door and announcing to my roommate(s) “Welcome home!”

I helped interpret a workshop on “Faith and Science” for a Japanese conference in September (Japanese to English). It all went smoothly until the closing prayer (probably the easiest part) when I began by praying to “Our Fatherly heaven.”

I got the word for canal (unga) wrong and told a friend my parents’ neighborhood have lots of people who live “lying face down” (enga).

Another friend’s mishap! 😀  A colleague was telling me about the prayer night they had at church where they prayed for world issues like kiga (hunger), sensou (war), and ninjin hanbai (carrots-for-sale…??). She meant to say jinshin baibai (human trafficking).


Language Mishaps

September 2, 2015 3 comments

Back from the US after a 2-week trip home in August!  Despite a few hiccups in the trip, mainly due to a sprained ankle my first full day there, it was a fun and relaxing time at home.  I was gonna add some pics too, but WordPress is not cooperating with me at the moment so I’ll add those later…

And back on the blog as well everyone’s favorite language mishaps!  Well, maybe not my favorite…

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