Worship time!

Have I mentioned I’ve started leading worship at the bilingual church?  Yep, me.  That’s right.  And when’s the last time I led worship in ANY shape/form/group?  Uhhhh, NEVER.

So yeah, this is NOT because I’m particularly talented in music or gifted in leading worship or have a decent singing voice (and btw, I have none of these things), oh no, but I’m leading more or less because there is LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE who can do it.

Honestly, leading worship at church is probably at the bottom of the list of ministries I expected to be involved in, beaten only by things like performing miracles and becoming a pastor.  Though, looking back, I probably should have realized this was going to happen when my completely out-of-the-blue and urgent desire to really start learning to play the guitar was immediately (like literally an hour later) followed by my teammates the Murrays gifting me with a FREE guitar that some short-termer had RANDOMLY left years ago and it JUST HAPPENED to still be sitting in their house with NO ONE else to use it so Jess, if you’re planning on getting a guitar anyway you should just use this one…

God totally gave me this guitar as a heads up, but I was way too slow to pick up on it.

God totally gave me this guitar as a heads up, but I was way too slow to pick up on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love music and worshipping God with it, and it’s an incredible privilege to be leading worship even if it is because our team had ZERO other options, but WOW, it is all so over my head!  NO IDEA what I’m doing.  I will never again judge a worship leader’s awkward transitions…

So of course, as soon as I started I began fervently praying God would send our church a Spirit-filled and musically-talented person with a heart for worship.  i.e., I prayed God would let me off the hook.  Please, send someone, ANYONE…

But God has been revealing to me that, as great as someone like that would be, it’s not actually what’s important.  We don’t need gifted people.  We need the gift of God’s SPIRIT.

Please pray worship at ABC would be all about HIM and not about us/music/instruments/etc.  Cuz, with a spirit of God’s worship it doesn’t matter if I’m tone-deaf and sing the same songs every week.  It’ll still be worshipful and people will still be blessed.  And that really is what we all ultimately want: for worship at ABC to be Spirit-filled and blessing.  And if that can be done with someone like me, how cool is that?!

So I guess there’s actually some benefit to having a worship leader with zilch experience: there is no way I can ever take any credit for anything.  If people are blessed, it must be the Holy Spirit because it definitely wasn’t me!

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