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Visitors + an epic battle with banana pudding

*Please note that posting order likely has little (if anything) to do with the chronological order in which the posted events happen.

*I discovered this post buried in my Drafts box, wilting away and totally unpublished.  Oops!  Better 6 months later than never…??  🙂

Last week (*edit – actually last summer but whatever) I had an awesome visit from two friends from the US, Samantha & Sharon.  Fantastic.  Blessing.  Fun.  Awesomeawesomeawesome.  I love visitors.  Lots of good food.  And the best was the popcorn praying we did at night before falling asleep.  But first, my battle with banana pudding!


Samantha, Me, Sharon at Koyo Chapel

We were discussing what I would cook for my party Thursday when Sam suggested Banana Pudding.  She had a fantabulous recipe and I agreed the Japanese people would love it, especially as it would be a first.

Of course, getting ingredients for Western desserts is always a problem.  But I thought we could figure it out.  Like pudding mix – Japanese people make a pudding-like dessert called purin so they must also have pudding. And nilla wafers – I’m sure I’ve seen something similar.

Who was I kidding?

Turns out purin is less like pudding than I thought.  And there were no nilla wafers.

But that’s ok!  We found a decent nilla wafer substitute in the international section.  And I know an awesome chocolate pudding recipe, which I’m sure can easily be turned into vanilla pudding.  Right?  RIGHT??

Wrong again!  Apparently adding chocolate to your pudding not only makes it chocolatey, but it also helps it set.  I ended up with thick vanilla cream.  But I was not to be defeated!  Eggs are often used as pudding thickeners (the chocolate recipe used cornstarch) so I added an egg, re-cooked, and voila!  Perfectly set pudding!  All that was left was to let it cool in the fridge, nestled amongst all my other yummy party food like pepper salad, barley tea, raw hamburger patties…

Raw hamburger patties…

Lesson of the day: don’t put an unsealed plate of raw meat over an unsealed plate of something that’s not raw meat friendly.  Because then you might get this…


If only that were raspberry juice up top…

That’s right.  Raw meat juice in my pudding.  YUM.

I did seriously consider if I could just cut out the juicy parts…but my conscience wouldn’t let me.  Thankfully, God is omniscient, He knew I would utterly fail with my banana pudding, and He provided someone else to bring dessert.  Thank you.

Of course, this is where my generally not-so-stubborn streak comes in because I was NOT going to let a measly pudding get the better of me and I resolved to make it again, successfully, for another party that weekend.  And voila!  Yummy ‘nilla cookie thingies, well-set pudding, lotsa banana!  Take that!  Muhahaha.


Success at last!

Jessica 1; Banana pudding 10… OK, so I don’t actually win but that’s not what life’s about anyway, right?  It’s about Jesus.  Amen.

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