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Last summer I introduced you to Emma, my Kiwi (New Zealand) friend and fellow missionary.  Emma’s had a heart for Japan for years and came to Hiroshima to work with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association for a festival/revival event planned for mid-2014.  Some of you may remember me mentioning this while I was at home.

Well, this is going to seem like the most inefficient explanation ever, but in short a “lot of stuff” happened and the festival was cancelled.  Nothing really bad of course.  Just a lot of differences between the pastors in Hiroshima and the BGEA (cultural, methodology, organizational, political, etc) and it was decided that it wasn’t the right time for the festival to happen.  But despite the obvious disappointment, closure has come relatively quickly and smoothly with no ill feelings on either side, for which we are very grateful.

For Emma, who wants to stay in Hiroshima, this meant her work here was ending and she needed to find things like a job.  Emma and I had actually talked about finding an apartment together.  So we decided she should go ahead and move in with me while she transitioned to a new job.

And I’m happy to say that, despite the epic amount of condiments and cleaning supplies we now own, having a roommate is awesome!  A friend with whom to share devotional times, cook meals, and prep for parties made a huge difference on making the Christmas season manageable, not to mention everything is more fun with two.  Although Emma’s work will be very different from mine, our friendship is also a partnership through which we want to share the gospel in Hiroshima.  I’m excited to know what new things God has for us in the future.

I realize now we also need more pictures together…

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  1. Jenny
    January 24, 2013 at 10:52 am

    so she more than “paid” for her Dec rent? 😉

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