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Long time no see! And new team members!

After a three-month hiatus, you’d think some sort of apology or explanation would be in line.  But in the end, it’s all just empty excuses anyway, so let’s just dive right back into life, shall we?
Without further ado, I’d like to introduce some new teammates!  Meet Alyssa, Morgan, and Madison!

Sydney, Taylor, Madison, Morgan, and Alyssa at the aquarium

During their time in the US, God has opened up a most awesome opportunity for the Murrays to adopt a sibling set of three girls.  They are now in the final stages of the adoption process, and the Oh’s and I cannot wait to meet them when they all return to Japan.

I’ve been personally really blessed by the Murrays’ story and how they’ve opened up their hearts to these little girls.  So I’ve included here a little of what the Murrays shared in their last newsletter.


Big News from the Murrays . . .

by Susan

If we seek to follow God, we will experience life as an ADVENTURE!  Nothing is boring when God is the designer.  For several years, God has been placing on our hearts a desire to open our home to children in need.  We have even explored international adoption, but each time, God has closed the door.   This past year, Sydney and Taylor were questioning, “Why would God open our hearts and then not provide children?”  We explained that our hearts would stay open, but that God would have to literally “drop the kids into our laps.”  We were finished looking.

Four months ago, a Hospice worker was telling my mom about a sibling set of 3 young sisters who needed a home.  I was upstairs, applying color to my hair but listening to the conversation.  All of a sudden, Sydney and Taylor fly up the stairs, “Mom, did you hear? The kids need a home!”

Inside my heart, an internal struggle began.  “Oh, Lord, I’m too old now.  This isn’t the best timing -I’m caring for my mom.  Scott will be in Japan.” But the Holy Spirit continued to stir my spirit.  From that point, God started “dropping them into our laps.”  We have been working closely with the girls’ great aunt and with the State of Florida

We are asking you to pray with us and for us.  We believe our family will soon be expanding.  A sibling set of three girls will be placed with us soon.  Our intention is to adopt the girls.  Alyssa, the older sister, is almost 7 and is in first grade.  The twins are in kindergarten; their names are Morgan and Madison.  These girls are absolutely precious, and we already love them dearly.  They have been with us every weekend for over a month.

We covet your prayers as we ask God to give us wisdom and guidance in how to facilitate the family transition and to help the girls attach to a new family.


Obviously one of the biggest issues that the Murrays face right now is finances.  So if you read this far, you should definitely onsider being a part of the Murrays’ support base by donating financially and through prayer.  😀

Pioneers donation link – Acct 111137

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