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Learning about true peace…

Yesterday (August 6) was the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.  Looking at the city now, you would never know it once lay in total ruins – buildings gone, the land covered in ashes, and the rivers clogged with bodies…

But I’ve learned in my year here that the city still remembers.  People still remember.  The desire for peace becomes almost tangible during this time of year, for there are still those who can recall the horror.  After visiting the Peace Park Museum (about the bombing) last week and going to the ceremony Monday evening, it’s hard to imagine there was any light that day.

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But today, I had the most amazing conversation with an incredible little old lady who did find light.

Meiko Kurihara is a member of Kabe Chapel and a 3rd genereation Christian, which is extremely rare in Japan.  She is also a survivor of the atomic bombing.  At about 4km outside of the blast radius Meiko-san escaped any immediate serious injuries, but otherwise essentially experienced everything first hand.

Meiko-san described to me how she went into the city to search for her father and was completely overwhelmed by the destruction around her, totally lost and alone.  It was then she prayed to God for help.  She told me how God miraculously gave her the strength and courage to walk through a city filled with dead and dying and even led her to a friend, shelter, and food.

I think anyone who went through an experience like that would find reason to feel anger and betrayal towards God, hatred and resentment to America.  But Meiko-san had none of that.  She told me, “God loves peace.  And He hates war.  It wasn’t God who bombed Hiroshima.  God saved me and then he helped me.  I’m so thankful to Him for that.”

I video recorded my time with Meiko-san and am gonna work on translating and subtitling it.  Hopefully it’ll be ready for me to show during my time in the States, so I’ll keep y’all posted.

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    looking forward to your sharing and visit to the states! 🙂

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