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Wasurenaiyouni (May we not forget)

March 11 is already over a week past, but I write now because by now many of us (myself included) have already moved on to something else.  Easter prep, March madness, presidential race – the distractions are endless and it’s no wonder devastation, destruction, and lost lives seem so far away.  Even for me, living here in Japan, it’s too easy to forget.  But I pray that I, and you, would not forget, but continue to pray.

That Sunday I visited another church in Hiroshima, and the pastor’s wife talked about her recent trip to Sendai.  She and another lady struck up conversation with their taxi driver who was quickly overwhelmed to tears with gratitude for her and others who had come to help with relief efforts.  So they asked him, what do the people of Sendai and Northeast Japan still need?  What could they bring to help with relief efforts?

The driver didn’t reply with requests for money, or food, or any other physical aid.  He said what was needed most was for people to remember.  The people of Northeast Japan hope they would not be forgotten.

So let’s continue to pray for homes, towns, and lives still digging themselves out of refuse and wreckage.  Let’s pray for families and people broken and in a desperate search for hope.  Let’s pray they may find the hope they search for in Jesus.  And let’s pray for over 300 people who accepted Christ at a recent revival in Sendai City led by Franklin Graham.  Let’s turn the tragic events of March 11 into an opportunity for God’s power to work through our prayers.

Let’s pray.

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