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Gingerbread House Party! Part II

Last time I told you all the incredible pain and suffering we all went through to get the darn houses together.  Today, you shall see the end result.  😀


For all my histrionics, it really was actually a great deal of fun, both for the ladies that came and for me.  Six ladies, plus one child, came out for the party, one of whom is not a member of our English class or our church, but has showed some interest in the class for a while.  Hopefully she’ll start coming out next year.  🙂

We also had a couple  performances from our students!  Izumi-san and her daughter Yui-chan performed a song that Yui-chan learned at her preschool.  She was kinda shy at first, but really opened up to all the attention she was getting.  SO CUTE.

Yuko-san and Mariko-san (who is our non-class member) then performed some hula for us!  Kinda random, but really very pretty.  They brought their skirts and leis and everything and danced a traditional hula dance for us, and then Yuko-san also performed a “gospel hula” dance for us.  One really cool thing was you could see the gospel hula was truly a form of worship for Yuko-san.  You could totally see in her face that she was loving what she was doing and loving the Lord.  Awesomeness.  Praise the Lord for different forms of artisitic expression with which to worship him.

Afterwards, I also got to hang out some more with Reika-chan and Chie-san and we spent a lot of good time talking.  An exhausting day, but so much fun and such good fellowship.  Praise God for things that work out even when they don’t.  Haha.  Just goes to show I’m not the one in control.  😀

Left-right: Mariko, Reika, Chie, Izumi, Yui, Yuko, Hiroko, me

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  1. kanako nitta
    December 24, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Oh~~~!I wanted to make ginger bread house!!
    It’s so cute and looks yum!

  2. December 25, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    juhee says, “oh! i made them at auntie susan’s house!” 🙂
    looks like everyone had a great time.
    was there supposed to be a group picture at the end to go with the names caption?
    i sat with yuko-san and her friend at the sumire cafe christmas outreach but i didn’t know her name. now i know! thank u! 🙂 can’t believe she travels an hour each way to get to church… amazing dedication… she was so happy her husband didn’t just drop her off for the christmas eve service but actually STAYED. first time! yaaaaay!!!

    • December 25, 2011 at 8:43 pm

      aww, juhee’s so cute. i’m glad she had fun at auntie susan’s.
      do you not see the picture? shows up fine on mine…hmmmm…. but we did have lots of fun. for all my insanity, lots and lots of fun. 😀

  3. Chris H
    December 31, 2011 at 9:53 am

    it makes me remember when we forced… i mean encouraged phile-o-phish to make gingerbread houses too. that was pretty fun right?! haha. merry xmas/happy new year buddy.

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