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Make your own mummy!

Someone (Miriam) asked for more explanation of the mummies so here’s a few more pics!

I also still have to post about Tohoku, during which I was very absent from this blog.  My bad – internet wasn’t quite as reliable up north as I thought it would be (though perhaps it’s not to be so unexpected).  I’ll post some thoughts and reflections about that soon.

But first, let’s make some mummies!

Every group used toilet paper to make mummies out of one of the members of their group.  Kids had quite a blast, though at first we had a little trouble with the word “Mummy” which to Japanese people sounds the same as “Mommy”.  So at first our translator was translating it as “Make your own mommy!” game…  -__-

Some of the groups were actually really awesome at this…

And some groups had a little more trouble…

But everyone, even the teachers had a lot of fun.

I was telling some of the ladies that this is a popular game for bridal showers (you know, make the toilet paper wedding dress thing) and they thought that was just the most hilarious thing ever.  Haha.  I’ll have to make sure to pull out the game if I ever get a chance…  😀

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