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More pictures as I attempt to catch up on this thing…

Day 21: My first real Japanese ramen.  And SO YUMMMMAAYYYY~~~!!!!!  OMG, just thinking about this ramen makes me want to go out to eat it again.  *drool*

From Gaba Ramen shop - can't remeber what it was called...

Day 22: The Chu’s took me and the pastors of our church out to dinner at a traditional Japanese-style restaurant.   Again, YUMMY~~  Though I honestly didn’t know what half the stuff even was…  Haha.

Sort of a massive, deluxe-style obento, with literally about 50 different things.

Day 23: The restaurant the Chu’s took us to had free baby koi that they were giving away.  The Oh’s asked for a “few” which actually ended up being almost 20…  I promised the Oh’s I’d take a few too once I have my own apartment so you’re looking at some of my future roommates.  🙂

The Oh's new fish tank and fish, with Juhee & Sungjae. ❤


Day 24: The Oh’s taught their children baby sign and baby Sungjae makes the most adorable expression when he wants “More” (which he’s signing below).  Actually, all the expressions he makes are pretty freaking cute.  I’ll probably post more of those up here eventually.

Sungjae signing "More" at dinner. This kid eats almost as much as I do. o__O

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  1. July 26, 2011 at 12:04 am

    me want pictures (when you get the chance)! 🙂

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