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Downtown Hiroshima

On Saturday I was on my own again so I went into downtown Hiroshima to explore a little.  I just wandered around the main area of shops and restaurants for about three hours as I tried to get a feel for the city.  Luckily it stayed dry and “relatively” cool (ie, not that cool at all but at least not broiling hot).

Mostly I explored Hondori, which is a covered street only for pedestrians lined with shops and restaurants.  They have a little of everything here..

Looking down Hondori

Some familiar…

One can always rely on there being a burger and fries...

Some nonsensical…

Who can guess what they sold here?

Some just plain weird…

WTH? Maternity clothing? Women's clothing? Clothing for those with a womb? Who knows...

I ate here for lunch – Beatles cafe?  Lunch wasn’t very good (at least it was cheap) but I was hungry so I wolfed almost all of it down before I remembered to take a picture.  And then of course, two blocks later I found like 10 different places that I would have rather gone to.  Oh well.

Entrance to the Beatles Cafe (not really called that... but I don't remember what it was called)

So I stopped here for coffee and a chocolate croissant (or kuroku as they called it) to make up for it.  Yummy!!

EXCELLENT chocolate croissant. Should have just eaten lunch here... 😛

They had lots of cute and yummy looking cafes, so I’ll have to do more exploring in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately, it’s not terribly cheap to get downtown (about $5 each way).  Perhaps I can find a cool area closer to home…

Surrounding the main shopping area there were also dozens of Pachinko (gambling) parlors.  But I’m not gonna post any pictures of those because they make me sad.  All of them are busy, with parking lots packed with cars and bicycles and outsides festooned with posters of scantily clad anime girls (another reason I’m not posting any pictures).

I also came across Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb memorial.

Atomic-Bomb dome - a building that (mostly) survived the bombing and now serves as a memorial.

I didn’t look around much since I’m going to be visiting again later this month, but the park looked nice and peaceful so I found a bench and sat down to pray for a bit.  And about 3 minutes later I got bitten by a mosquito…  -___-   I always knew mosquitoes were the devil’s henchmen!!!  Blast it all.

In case you haven’t noticed, I really despise mosquitoes.

Well, I’ll be going a few more times this coming week for various reasons so I’ll be continuing my explorations.  I’ll post anything particularly interesting that I find.

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  1. beeberoni
    July 3, 2011 at 1:08 am

    i got your prayer card!!! i want to come visit you 🙂

  2. Matt
    July 7, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Thank you for the updates, it’s great to hear from you

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