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Blast-off time – 28 hours and counting….


Sorry for the lack of updates on here, especially after I had my ticket bought and I even posted on Facebook, but there were no posts up here.  -__-  There were a couple of weeks where I was sort of just sitting around waiting and then all the sudden, BAM!!  Certificate of Eligibility had arrived and my plane ticket was bought and my Visa was ready and OMG I’M LEAVING IN A WEEK!!!

So, got my latest “departure” newsletter in the archives, so please read for more details if you didn’t get it by email.  If you would like to receive my newsletters by email, just let me know.  😀  I also am sending out prayer cards to all the people whose address I have (mostly those who have given to me financially). So if you would like a prayer card, please email/fb msg/etc me your mailing address ASAP.

Wow, what a wild ride!!  But it’s one that I know God’s going to be next to me for, so I’m gonna put my hands in the air, scream all the way down and smile for the camera!!

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