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Still learning…

Sorry I haven’t posted much up lately.  Haven’t been in much of a mood to write, mostly because many of my thoughts seem to come up inconclusive.  For example, how does love comfort us?  How does God’s love comfort us?  What does it mean to love the world like Jesus does?

This is what I’ve spent a lot of time doing the last several weeks.  Pondering perfectly ordinary questions, trying to understand who God is and what He really means to me.

It’s one thing if I can’t find answers to my own questions.  Honestly, knowing God loves me and sent his Son for me is enough.  I’m perfectly willing to accept there’s a lot about God I’m just never going to understand.  But there are plenty of people for whom that’s not a legitimate answer.  Telling someone “God loves you” or that it’s just another of his mysteries doesn’t always help.  So what can I do?

I don’t mean to find all the answers.  Even if it were possible, I had enough difficulty passing intro physics, so forget understanding GOD.  “I don’t know” seems to me a perfectly reasonable answer.  But it’s one thing to say I don’t know because I’m lazy and complacent and I never thought about it before.  And it’s another thing to say I don’t know after I considered, researched, read, and prayed over the issue.  When I admit to a lack of answers, I want it to be the reply of someone who looked, didn’t find, but still believes.  Then I can truly say I don’t know, but it’s okay – Jesus really does still love.

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