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May 25: ready, set…

Target date set!  That means I haven’t bought a ticket yet, but based on the amount of support I have now, I hope to soon be close enough to my goal that I can buy my ticket for this date.  I’ll be starting all the visa/paperwork/etc stuff soon (funnn….) which will hopefully all go through smoothly (prayer request!).

However, I am still about $1000 short in my monthly support.  First off, that means I’ve raised about $2300 in monthly pledges, which is really quite amazing to me.  I’m still not sure how it happened.  It must be one of those crazy GOD things I keep hearing about.  😀  Praise be to God who makes all things, crappy economy notwithstanding, possible.  And thank you all who have thrown in their lot with me.

And I pray others of you would also consider joining me in monthly support.  $1000 is equivalent to 40 people giving $25/month, 20 people giving $50/month, etc (I won’t list every possible permutation).  Will you partner with me in this way?  Or really, any way that you might partner with me would be awesome – be it a one-time donation or prayer or whatever.  I pray God would convict you to get involved.

See links here for more info about giving and ways to support.

  • Click here to give a one-time donation online
  • Click here for information about different ways to give recurring donations.
  • Response slip you can print out or email with information of how you would like to give

And of course, if you’re not giving financially but would still like to get my updates or pray for me then definitely please let me know.  I would more than love to add you to my listserve.


(yep, imagine me yelling.  🙂 )

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