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Still alive!!!

Yes!!  Literally JUST finished printing my last project for my Teaching ESL certificate.  Thank the Lord.  Haha.  Though, I didn’t realize just how ghetto my printer is – 5 copies of a 12 page paper and none of it got collated…  -__-  Oh well, it happens.  But at least for now I am finished and so will re-surface amongst the cyber-world of the living.

Just a couple updates:

Saturday March 6 – flying to Orlando, FL!!  I’ll be there for a week training with my organization Pioneers.  I’m super excited for this.  The training  last August was a hugely blessing time, so I’m even more excited for this which will have more focus on actually being on the mission field.  Not to mention, it’s been dismal (and I mean, miserable) weather here in Seattle, but in Orlando it’s predicted 70’s and sunny for almost the entire week!  😀

Support – I cannot say how amazingly…amazing (words just fail me) it has been to see the support pouring in from all of you.  And not just financial support but random texts, emails, cards, FB posts, you name it.  What’s most encouraging is to see so many who are really interested in what I’m doing and are excited for me to get to Japan.  You guys are awesome!!!  Plus, I’m over half-way there!!  Well over half-way there in fact.  I’m still flabbergasted to see the numbers (see updated graphic).  And I swear, every time I start to freak out over support, I check my account the next morning to see that someone has yet again given Pioneers some outrageously generous donation for my work in Japan. I cannot help but be humbled at God’s love and ashamed at my own lack of faith.

Support Group – For those of you who don’t know yet, I’ve got a small support group that’s meeting regularly and I’ll be skyping in for the support group meetings whenever I can.  If you haven’t gotten any emails about that but would like to join (or maybe you already told me about it and I just forgot…) then definitely let me know.  The oh-so-lovely Miriam is heading it.

Lastly, sorry I’ve been so out-of-touch the last month or so.  The class wasn’t terribly difficult but it was a LOT of work.  But that’s not excuse, and you have my sincerest apologies.  I also didn’t get out a newsletter update this month, but I will definitely do so for March, probably soon after I get back from Orlando.  I’ll also have those archived on this site.

Thanks for sticking with me!!

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