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Lessons learned

As much as I would love to start writing about the people, and churches, and my closet, er, apartment in Japan, the potential for sharing personal experiences is cut rather short by the fact that I am still (unfortunately by God’s grace) here in the States.  So, as I wait patiently(ish) in my hope to make it in time for the cherry blossoms, I’ll be raising support (hey!  Is that a new icon I see in the menu?), and sharing here about how God has been teaching and preparing me to go on missions.

My decision to go to Japan was made largely before I had considered much on the logical, logistical side of things.  I just wanted God to make His way clear to me.  After my decision I began to consider those things, and I found myself coming up blank.  I didn’t know why I was going, what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it (whatever “it” was).  Answers like “To serve Jesus” and “because God called me” were not terribly helpful.  I started, and actually continue, to ask myself “What the heck am doing?!”  And so I threw a small (tiny actually, you wouldn’t have even noticed) fit as to why God had not revealed any of these things to me.

Well, duhhh, cuz I hadn’t asked…

Needless to say, God is incredibly gracious and loving even in the midst of temper tantrums. He has been slowly teaching me those whys and whats, and to see it all come together now encourages me in a way I would not have experienced had I known everything from the start.  So, all that to say, I guess God must know what He’s doing.

And now the things I have learned are more than rote Sunday school answers.  I’m beginning to see how these things have impacted my heart and changed the way I think and feel.  So, I’ll be sharing here some of the more significant things I feel God has taught me in the recent months. Feel free to share any thoughts, comments, encouragements, rebukes through the comments section or by email.  I’d love to hear about what other people are learning as well (I’m sure I need to learn that one too).

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  1. bebe
    December 19, 2010 at 1:29 am

    🙂 can’t wait to read about all of your adventures, buddy! can’t wait to visit you in japan too!

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